the just eduard. principal
just-eduard furniture principal

Sustainability and seduction can be friends. all our products are 100% free of toxic elements and have an excellent environmental performance. our basic material "mdf" corresponds perfectly to the cradle to cradle principal.

made in germany
just-eduard furniture manufacture

Reduced to a minimum of design unveiling their simplistic handwriting. their aim is to create something that lasts, a product made with intelligence, love, passion and knowledge of craftsmanship. just eduard. creates high quality furniture that will increase in beauty the longer they remain at your side.

bordeaux superior vs. 501
just-eduard furniture 501

Like a bottle of a superior wine just eduard.- furniture gains on quality the longer you keep them but unlike the same bottle of wine you are not doomed to abstinence. even if the first scratch may hurt, after a while your furniture will get a patina of your individual handwriting. if you′re the proud owner of an original levis 501 you’ll know what we’re talking about.