mr. genius
just-eduard furniture thebigsleep

Working on this desk will be a delight for you. with everything in the right place you could sit here for ages. you′ll find it hard to take a break and answer the pizzaboy at the door. invisibly stowed away or easy to reach you know best where to put your stuff. you can pimp your desk and configure it according to your specific needs.

double dutch
just-eduard furniture double dutch

In this double door trunk you can easily stow away your clothes without the fear of never finding them again. rubinred coated and with real aluminium shelfes on the inside it is one of the only trunks that look even better left open. you can pimp the trunk with an open top case. if your ceiling is high enough you can just play basketball with your laundry or panicly clean up your stuff wenn you want to impress unexpected visitors.

the big sleep
just-eduard furniture thebigsleep

This bed is more than a nice place to sleep. with 3 huge heavy duty drawers and 1 secret door it allows you keep your room tidy and clean. this will make it easy for you to read, sleep, love or meditate without being distraced. this bed will increase your mental and physical beauty. you can even pimp your bed with three extra cases. you know best what you need near you. the perfect storage for romantics, intellectuals and freaks.

just-eduard furniture sideboard

The lever arch file (leitz ordner) played the leading part in designing this simple and beautiful piece of furniture. form indeed followed function but with so many possible functions the variaty of its visual nature is amazing. use it as an highboard, a lowboard or a bench. use it for presenting your book collection, to hide your office stuff or to store your shoes and sit on it while you′re tying your laces.